NEOVISION Rental introduces the new and
            innovative ARTEMIS LED module to the
            NEOVISION Rental digital display Lineup.
            Designed for fixed installations, the
            ARTEMIS revolutionizes the way large scale
            outdoor digital display screens are built and maintained.

  NEOVISION Rental introduces
  the new and innovative
  ARTEMIS LED module to
  the NEOVISION Rental digital
  display Lineup. Designed for
  fixed installations, the ARTEMIS
  revolutionizes the way large
  scale outdoor digital display
  screens are built and maintained.

  Lightweight aluminum alloy
  construction with rear access
  handles make installation and
  maintenance simple and
  cost effective.

  Your choice of high quality
  Nichia or CREE energy efficient
  LEDs create high contrast
  ratio, high refresh rate
  stunning display imagery.
  Artemis Brochure


For creative installations, precision rounding
available for screens six meters or larger curved
radius LED screen applications.