SMD Solution

    NEOVISION Rental uses
    Nichia LEDs and CREE LEDs.
    Both are leading the display
    industry providing the highest
    level of light emission quality.

    The advent of SMD LED
    technology allows NEOVISION
    Rental to create slimmer large
    scale video display systems.
    This reduced weight of the
    finished product reduces
    installation costs and saves
    installation time.
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NEOVISION LED screens can display all types of creative.
All our digital display products can effectively exhibit
full motion video, animation or still photographs.
Our NEO modules provide television display quality
in an out of home setting.
NEOVISION Rental LED screen technology can provide
clients with easy to execute, multiple creative
display options. The NEO LED module technology helps
you display relevant, time sensitive content
24 hours a day.
For convention, auditorium, public space indoor venues,
the NEO series LED screen technology is the right solution. NEOVISION Rental indoor LED screens provide display and
size flexibility not found in conventional static and monitor
display systems.
Each NEOVISION Rental LED screen processing system
can be linked to a remote operation system via wireless
or wired technology. You can manage all your messages
and video content without being onsite.

The NEO control system allows for expedient downloads
and content changes. With the NEO Scheduler software,
NEOVISION Rental LED screens can be programmed to
change messages any time of the day, week or month.