NEOVISION Rental

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NEOVISION Rental allows you to take advantage of the digital display opportunity now found in a multitude of ¡°Out of Home¡± outdoor display locations. All NEO outdoor module solutions enable the display of full color, full motion graphics.


The NEOVISION Rental digital display systems provide weatherproof and tamper proof protection. The NEO outdoor module series can be installed in a variety of site locations and can be adapted to many existing sign framework structure with minimal modifications. Each NEO outdoor module series can be ordered and installed to fit the size and shape of your design requirements.


Let NEOVISION Rental show you how to successfully integrate:

- NEO Outdoor LED Module Technology
- Wireless Mobile Short Code Solutions
- Social Networking Activities

to create an interactive, digital advertising solution.

NEOVISION Rental outdoor LED screen systems allow you
to engage consumers. NEOVISION Rental digital display
systems allow consumers to interact and respond immediately
to your message.

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